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CIRCUIT: The best sweat circuit style class. Bring a friend along to be your partner and learn how to Circuit Train using pads, medicine balls and much more. No experience or co-ordination necessary. We recommend that you wear hand wraps for this class. This is your endurance and strength training class that will leave you revitalized.




POWER: Bring maximum power to your training. This class will develop your strength and boxing technique to ensure you get maximum power returns. With a strong focus on core work, Ringside Max will have you working like a heavyweight. This is a high intensity – low to moderate complexity class. But don’t think you wont be ‘blowing’ at the end. Trust us – the heart will be pumping hard long before the class finishes.




SPEED: High energy, intensely good class.  We build your fitness base using easily executed combos and bag work.  And we don’t leave the core untouched either.  This is fitness training boxing style.  Challenge yourself to a new experience.




ENDURANCE: Train with the intensity that only top level fighters train with. This is it. This is the class that if you finish it, you will have truly achieved. Because if we see you making it we will shift the goal posts. Intensity is as high as it gets. Complexity as difficult as it gets. And the results are the best you could hope for. No part of your body will be left ‘unworked’. You want to train aerobically and anaerobically then this is your class. Its you against this class. No system left untouched!


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Auckland city




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Starting with RingsideNz  is easy, regardless of your skill, fitness or experience level. Community is a huge part of what we do and you will find the environment very friendly and welcoming. If you are interested in training please complete the following form and we will be in contact asap to discuss getting you started in your first intro session.



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