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The team at Ringside put all the contenders through an intense 12 week training programme. The journey challenges the contenders physically, mentally and emotionally.


Under the guidance of experts including top level boxing trainers, specialty trainers for speed, flexibility, nutrition, strength and endurance they undergo personal development to rival any self-help programme.


The emphasis is on conditioning, fitness, confidence and learning a skill. It is not on the blood sport itself. With such a varied training programme, the contenders develop the extremely varied skills required to become a successful boxer.


It’s certainly no easy road but well worth it.


Fight Night is a chance to share in their glory and support the final step in their journey.


Sample of our 12 Week Programme

  • 24 Personal Group Training Sessions (max 4 people)
  • 24 Yoga Sessions
  • 3 Beep Tests
  • 22 RINGSIDE Sessions
  • 10 5km Runs
  • 5 RPM Sessions
  • 22 sparring Sessions
  • 3 Visits to the Nutritionist



Contact Details

186 Victoria Street West
Auckland city




Personal Trainers

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Starting with RingsideNz  is easy, regardless of your skill, fitness or experience level. Community is a huge part of what we do and you will find the environment very friendly and welcoming. If you are interested in training please complete the following form and we will be in contact asap to discuss getting you started in your first intro session.



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